Understanding ON SITE and OFF SITE SEO in UK

1. Off Site SEO in UK

First of all, let’s understand the most important parts of how Off Site SEO works:

The SEO backlinks

Each backlink is crawled by the Google bots and counted as a vote for the final search ranking of your website. A backlink is your website link added in another website. But not all backlinks have the same value. A backlink in a website that has a lot of backlinks of it’s own has a higher value for ranking. Also if the page from where the backlink comes has text that is related with your website niche the value is even higher.


So most of the Off Site SEO UK work will be about creating new backlinks in various websites. To help further more, we also add business descriptions and content that has the keywords that people should find your website with.

Then there is the N.A.P.  (business name, address, phone) and N.A.P.L. (business name, address, phone, link). Basically Google will rank higher a website with a lot of references to it’s business name, address and phone number alongside the link (the backlinks actually).

SEO with guest blog posts

Also, we will create and publish 2 to 4 articles with backlinks/month in various blogs. These will also count as backlinks and votes.I will also analyse the competitors backlinks and make sure we get the same backlinks plus more. This is a continuous work and the more backlinks we create the higher the website ranking goes for more and more related keywords.

2. On Site SEO UK

Most of the work of the On Site SEO is done in the first month. This is also the time when we are setting up everything and make the preparations.

Then from month 2 we continue with link-building mostly and On Site SEO from time to time.

What we will Not do: 

  • no social media posting on facebook page or making marketing campaigns on social networks.
  • neither PPC (pay per click ads) or other marketing like email marketing, etc.
  • neither creating articles on your own website.

The articles we will create will be used for external publishing on other blogs.

Regarding the On Site SEO, it’s about improving the pages sections like the headings and metas, etc. making a good internal linking between pages and fixing the issues if we can.

This requires sometimes the help of your developer, but usually we can do everything that needs to be done in the site.
Now, this discussion could go a long way and UK SEO is a complex thing.